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Brick Bond

Rs: 1,550.00

“Harithaweli” Brick Bond is a ready-to-use mortar, which can simply be used by mixing it with water. It provides the required strength, which reduces the use of a large quantity of mortar.

It is suitable for brick masonry and stone masonry construction, its highest compressive strength, no crack formations, minimum wastage, the absence of river sand reduces environmental damage, saving time and money is much of the product’s benefits.





In a bucket, add 25 kg of the mortar mix and blend well with 4 liters of water. The use of a hand mixer is highly recommended for best results.

The brick bond mixture should be applied within one hour after mixing. Make sure that the surface of the bricks or cement blocks are properly moistened. Further moisten the bounded walls twice a day for 2 days after 24 hours of application. The use of a 25kg bag will be sufficient for a standard engineered two stone wall measuring 4.6 square feet and a single stone wall measuring 10 square feet with a thickness of 12mm.

Avoid wet and humid conditions. Store in a more storage-appropriate dry environment.

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