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Pioneers in innovative design, creating a culture and lifestyle to change the lives of our clients in the process of transforming spaces and moods.

Unparalleled respect, knowledge and honest service in serving our customers with more efficiently interconnected spaces and environments.

Striving to maintain highest quality and value in products and services island wide, concentrating mainly on the residential and commercial buildings.

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Our Sustainable Focus

At CEEDECS Lanka Holdings, we want to ensure that we are responsible towards our community and the planet. Therefore, our aim is to offer products that are technologically improved, modern, cutting edge, wastage reduced and not only help our customers in saving money but offer great value for money they’ve spent. We, as a company, are well aware of the abuse and misuse of resources due to human activities have put our planet in a precarious situation, and we are the only ones who can avert a disaster waiting to happen if continued the same destructive manner.

We understand that it can be difficult to make drastic changes as one company towards resource conservation. However, we at CEEDECS Lanka Holdings are taking small steps towards a big change by introducing eco-friendly products, thereby participating in the preservation of our eco system and planet. It is important that our business decisions impact the planet positively in order to conserve its inhabitability, beauty and resources. We believe that eco-friendly products are not only good for the environment but it is safer for our communities and a smart choice for our customers.

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