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Terrazzo Floor-Mix



Pour 4 liters of clean water into a bucket. Empty the entire 25 kg bag of “Harithaweli” floor Mix into the same bucket while mixing it well with the help of a hand mixer.  ·

  • It is sufficient to mix continuously for 5 minutes·
  • Apply the mixture within 45 minutes. (When using a mixing machine)



  • Apply using a mason’s trowel or finishing trowel.·
  • Make the surface rough and clean the dust by a vacuum cleaner.
  • Prepare the surface thoroughly by cleaning and removing dust, dirt, grime, mortar, oil and loose particles.
  • Use the straight edge & wooden float to level the surface.·
  • Spray with water for approximately 2 – 3 days after initial hardening of the mortar.

A floor cutting machine or sandpaper can be used to achieve a smooth finish on the surface of the floor. While a floor wax or a suitable top coat will add more shine and elegance to it.



Avoid wet and humid conditions. Store in a more storage-appropriate dry environment.

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